CAE stands for Certificate in Advanced English, or it is sometimes also called the Cambridge English: Advanced.

It is the advanced general English exam offered by the University of Cambridge in England. It is a very valuable qualification, and is often a requirement for international students applying to British Universities, or for employment in the professional, international environment. It is an in-depth high level test of English which is globally recognised. Once the exam has been passed, the qualification never expires.

The exam consists of 5 parts:

  • Reading (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • Writing (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • Use of English (1 hour)
  • Listening (40 minutes)
  • Speaking (15 minutes). The speaking test is done face to face with 2 candidates and two assessors.

Each of the 5 parts is worth 20% of the total mark.

The pass grades are A (80% and above), B (75% to 79%) and C (60-74%).

In the Common European Framework of References for Languages, CAE is ranked as C1 and C2. Those who pass the exam with an A, are awarded a C2 qualification, and those who pass with a B or C, are awarded a C1 qualification.

Over 2,700 centres in 130 countries offer the Cambridge University exams.

The exam can be taken in the conventional method of pen to paper, or it can be done in a computer based format.

Other academic and professional exams offered by Cambridge University are the FCE, the CPE and the IELTS.

If you are studying for your Certificate in Advanced English, then my free English reading and listening lessons are perfect for you to practise your comprehension and listening skills.

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