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The above lessons are my most recent lessons. If you would like to see more of my free downloadable lesson plans, then have a look in my Lesson Archives.

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Here you will find some great, free reading lesson plans. These are filled with reading and comprehension exercises, new vocabulary and idioms, speaking exercises, discussion topics and other fun activities. They can be used for English conversation classes and one on one lessons. My lessons are focused mainly on upper intermediate, advanced and proficiency levels. I have indicated before each lesson plan which level they are most appropriate for.

I love reading books and keeping up to date with the latest news and current events around the world. I spend much of my time reading articles on the internet and in topical magazines and newspapers. I see English lessons not only as an opportunity to learn a language, improve our communication skills, grammar and vocabulary, but also as a chance to widen our general knowledge on a wide range of subjects. The resources I choose to use for these lesson plans are the best and most interesting articles that I find, covering a large range of subjects, including travel, history, famous people, countries, politics, photography, food, current events and much, much more.

Although I have indicated which levels these reading lesson plans are most appropriate for, they can be adapted for lower levels if required. You can do this by changing the vocabulary in the exercises, and by making the comprehension questions more general. Remember that the students don’t have to know and understand every word in the text in order to understand the general gist. The reading exercises can then be used as a springboard for further discussion.

If you want to adapt the lesson further, then feel free to look through my hints and tips on vocabulary revision, ideas on what to give for homework, and how to design your own lesson plans.

Free Reading Lesson Plans

The Beatles



South Africa

Teenagers Seeking Shelter

China & Cars: A Love Story

Good or Bad?


North Korea (1)

North Korea (2)

Cyber War


Magnificent Failures



The Olympics

Cutting Travel Costs

If you are looking for some more lessons, try some of my Business English lesson plans, which are also suitable for general English lessons.

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