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I’m all mixed up. Of course I mean a combined set of different ingredients, rather than being in a state of confusion (although not all might agree with me on that point). Needless to say, without a doubt, it’s my parents’ fault…of course.

I was born in the buzzing metropolis of Scunthorpe, England, and then was taken kicking and screaming, at the age of 6 months to Durban, South Africa. I enjoyed a marvellous childhood of sunshine and barbecues. I was even allowed to join the gifted children’s association, because they thought my brother was a genius. After finishing school, I went on to study architecture. While at university, I met a very handsome man. His name is Wojtek (pronounced voitek). Wojtek had left Poland with his parents as a political refugee when he was 12, and ended up in South Africa. After 6 months, and a very long headache (literally), he had learnt English and integrated into society (as much as a 13 year old ever does, anyway). We got married (he was a bit older by then).

This is me. My daughter made my nose smaller because she says my nose is too big.

This is handsome Wojtek when I first met him.

We decided to move to London, England, having managed to escape the trauma of being hijacked, kidnapped or shot in South Africa, although we were robbed – twice. Unfortunately the thieves got away because when the police arrived they went in through the front door, and the thieves ran out the back door. I worked as an Architect in London for 6 years on interesting projects, including work for London Underground and some housing projects. My first daughter then decided to make an appearance in Kingston Hospital.

A few years later we moved to Eastern Europe. I did the CELTA course, so that I could teach English, while settling into our new country and learning the new language. That was quite challenging. Try and pronounce ‘Przybyszewskiego’ or ‘rozprzestrzeniony’. It should be illegal to put so many consonants together consecutively. We had 2 more children. So there are now 5 of us and a guinea pig.

These are our 3 children. Kayla, Natasza and Matti.

Why have you decided to put this website together, I hear you ask. I love baking. Especially since an American friend of mine gave me a KitchenAid. I also love teaching English. Talking to people, researching interesting subjects to use as resources and getting paid for it. That’s my idea of a good thing. I like to write my own lesson plans (I find the course books useful, but rather restrictive).

So I decided to put all my passions together in one place. So you will find my lesson plans, some hints and tips on teaching and learning, which I’ve gained from teaching English and learning a foreign language. I’ve also added a section on books and DVD’s that I’ve enjoyed, because I love reading and watching good movies.

I hope you find the material useful.


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Winston Churchill

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