Affiliate Disclosure

Many people visit this website ( to get information about teaching and learning English as a second language. As a teacher and language learner myself, I can relate to the challenges and frustrations that come with looking for new lessons and finding interesting materials, and enjoy sharing information with others going down the same path.

All of the information provided on this site is freely available to any visitor. There are no membership fees. I'm glad to put in the time, effort, and expense to make this site available.

You will notice as you move around the website that there are links to other websites that I recommend, as well as links to third parties that are selling other products. Sometimes I endorse or recommend products for which I have an affiliate relationship with the vendor.

This means that if a visitor to this website clicks on a link that leads to a third party vendor and a purchase is made, I may get paid an affiliate commission (i.e., a referral fee) by the vendor for sending business their way. (although this is not always so). This is a win for everyone: you the visitor gets the product or service you want, the vendor makes a sale, and I get a small piece of the vendor's pie to off-set my expenses in running the site.

Maintaining the quality of this website, and being in control of all the information that is provided is also very important to me, and so I have only added affiliate links that are strictly in keeping with the subject matter of the website, and therefore, hopefully of interest to my visitors. You will find links to language schools, TEFL courses, online language courses, grammar checks, and pretty much anything to do with English or learning and teaching a language. As I cannot attend all the language schools or courses, I cannot personally vouch for the quality of all of those vendors listed. It is up to the visitor to do his own research in this regard.

So in the spirit if open disclosure, and also in compliance with FTC requirements, I wanted to let my visitors know about these affiliate relationships and the possibility of me earning some extra money if you happen to decide to buy a product I recommend after visiting this site.

So, that is my affiliate disclosure! I hope you find this site useful!


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