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Here are some useful English teaching resources based on the life of Einstein. Most people know of him, and his famous equation E=mc2. But there is so much more to know!

This lesson is based on a documentary produced by the History Channel, and gives insights into Einstein's personal life as well as his scientific discoveries. While finding out more about this fascinating man, your students will also be able to improve their listening skills and vocabulary.

"During our crossing, Einstein explained his theory to me every day, and by the time we arrived I was fully convinced he understood it."

-- Chaim Weizmann, 1921 after he escorted Einstein to the United States.

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This lesson plans is suitable for general and business English, and can be used for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

The lesson starts with some of the lesser well known of Einstein's quotes. Without knowing who said them, the students each have to choose a quote and in a few minutes express their opinion on that quote.

Thereafter the students get to watch an extract from a documentary made by the History Channel on the life of Einstein. The students get to practice listening for gist and for detail, as the first time they watch, they need to summarize the important aspects of the story, and the second time they need to fill missing words into a gap- fill exercise.

There is some vocabulary to learn from the gap-fill exercise, and then some general discussion about what constitutes 'genius'.

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