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Cyber War

This is one of my free ESL lessons, that is based on an article published in THE WEEK, with the title, 'It's a new chapter in history. Now we have a cyber war for real'.

According to experts, Stuxnet is the world's first cyber super-weapon. Who designed it? Who was the target? How does it work? Why could it be a danger to you and to me? What could be the long term effects of this powerful weapon? Is it possible that future world wars will be cyber in nature?

If you are interested in the answers to these questions, and think your students might be interested in discussing the issue of nuclear weapons around the world, then you will enjoy this free lesson plan. There is opportunity for reading and comprehension practice, and of course plenty of new vocabulary to learn.

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This lesson is appropriate for advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

This reading lesson is good for ESL conversation classes and vocabulary lessons. It starts off with a discussion around the subject of nuclear weapons. How should the production of nuclear weapons be controlled? Do any countries have the right to control the arsenal of weapons held by other countries?

The students then learn some new vocabulary which they will encounter in the text. They will also learn synonyms and definitions. There is then an opportunity for them to practise their reading and comprehension, by going through the article and answering the comprehension questions. This can be done either during the lesson or as part of their homework.

The lesson concludes with some fun vocabulary games that will help the students to remember the words for longer than a day (we hope!).

I hope you enjoy my free ESL lessons J

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