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Cutting Travel Costs

Here is one of my free reading lesson plans, which your students are sure to enjoy, as it's on a subject that is close to most of our hearts - travel, and how to keep the costs down.

This article from the National Geographic will give you insights into what difference the Cookies on your computer can have when booking a holiday, how ITA software on a website can help and why you might not want to mention that you are on honeymoon. The twenty points of advice also cover areas such as electronics, bikes, Citypasses, hidden charges, vacation packages, theatre tickets and toilets!

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This lesson plan is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

Language Focus

This lesson starts off with a discussion for the students, about what they would consider to be a romantic, a boring, a pricey, a stressful or a dangerous holiday.

Before the students begin with the text, there is some vocabulary for them to go through, a (surprisingly) large number of words that help us to differentiate whether things are cheap, appropriately priced or expensive. I then suggest that you cut the article up into the twenty points, and get the students to do an information share, where they can inform the rest of the class what is on their segment of the text. Once all the points have been covered,you can discuss with them whether thay have found any of the advice to be informative and helpful.

The lesson then continues with some general travel terminology, travel idioms and phrasal verbs often used when talking about holidays.

For some supplementary materials to this lesson, you could also have a look at my travel vocabulary.

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