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Tefl Reviews: ICAL TEFL originally started as a joint venture between Australian, American and British teachers. Since then (1998) they have upgraded and extended their materials to include some very interesting courses. They have the following on offer:

All students are assigned a personal tutor to guide through the course and help with coursework.

On top of these courses, all students who have signed up with ICAL also have access to WorkSmart, where there is access to advice and assistance with finding work as an English teacher.

Find out more on the ICAL website.

TEFL/TESOL 120 Hour Online Course

ICAL TEFL offers a 120 hour online course which has a very hands-on approach. Each topic is covered in a realistic and down to earth manner so students get a  good sense of what to expect in an actual classroom. The course assignments create realistic teaching scenarios in order to train the students in a very practical way.

The course consists of 5 Modules. Each includes reading material, a short online check of the material and then an assignment. All 5 assignments are mandatory and need to be completed.

The course looks at current theories and trends in second language learning as well as the psychological, sociological and pedagogical factors which affect the learning and teaching of languages. At the same time the ICAL course also provides practical ideas and techniques that can help language learning in any situation ..... in a private lesson, school setting, business classes, missionary work, community project etc.

Other parts of the course also look at learners’ needs analysis, effective syllabus design, clever lesson planning, materials adaptation, evaluation & assessment of students’ language development and classroom management.

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TEFL/TESOL 150 Hour Online Course
with Teaching Practice

The 150 hour online course has monitored teaching practice included in the programme, as there are many language schools who require their teachers to have assesssed teaching practice within their training.

You already have to be teaching an EFL/ESL class to do this module, as this teaching assessment is done by way of video within a real classroom situation. You are assessed on 3 lessons that have been filmed, and are also required to keep a teacher's diary of all the lessons and experience that you have gained.

The teaching practice can be added to the standard 120 hour online course at a later date.

Grammar Foundation Course

If you are just starting out with teaching english as a foreign language, you will no doubt find your grammar sorely lacking. This becomes immediately apparent when you are standing in front of your first class, and they ask you, 'Why can I say put on my jacket, but I can't say put on it?' or 'What's wrong with saying Did you used to  ...?' (both these questions came up during my teachers training).

Doing a dedicated grammar course will help you understand all the terminology involved, understand many of the grammar rules, and not look so foolish when you are standing up in front of your students. And (unfortunately for you), their understanding of grammar is very good, as that is how they learnt the language!

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

English lessons are becoming far more technology based, as students are becoming more and more used to media presentations and inter-active learning. This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to use computers in the classroom, how to source good teaching software, and how to find good resources on the internet.

This course is a great idea not only for those who are starting off in their teaching career, but also for more experienced teachers who are wanting to expand their classroom repertoire, get the students more involved, and open up an infinite resource of useful teaching material.

TEFL Reviews

All ICAL students have access to Worksmart at no extra cost. Worksmart is a support system to help find employment for those who have finished their training. You are given assistance with writing a suitable CV/Resume and cover letter, advice when choosing the right region of the world that suits you, and guidance through the maze of job offers and advertisements. ICAL will also help you check your work contract to make sure it is okay. Once you have started working, they are also available for help and advice should any problems arise.

ICAL website

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