Vocabulary Activities

Here are some fun vocabulary activities for esl teachers that help make revising new vocabulary fun. These activities are easier for the students because they can normally see the word, and have to produce the definition, or use the word in some way. Use these activities with students that don't spend too much time on homework and revision at home, and therefore find it more challenging to remember the words themselves from the previous lessons. If you make the vocabulary revision too difficult, they make become discouraged.

I hope you enjoy doing these fun vocabulary activities with your students.

  1. Place the words face up on the table so that the students can see all the words. One student chooses a word, tells the class/group which word it is and then gives the definition.
  2. Place the words face up on the table so that the students can see all the words. One students chooses a word, but DOES NOT tell the others which word it is. They give a definition of the word. The other students in the class/group have to guess which word it is.
  3. Place the words face down on the table. The first student chooses one word and starts a story with that word. The next student picks up another word and has to continue the story using their word. This continues until the words have all been used up, and you have one, long, interesting story.
  4. Get the students to draw a picture of a big house with all the necessary rooms ie. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room etc. Tell the students one word at a time, and they have to write the word into the room where they think it fits best. Get feedback from the students as to why they located the words where they did.

If you are interested in some more ideas have a look at Vocabulary Activities - Moderate and Activities for teaching vocabulary - Difficult.

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